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About Us

About Yorkshire Funding Solutions Ltd

Business finance needs are changing. Since the financial crash of 2008, banks have been cautious in their lending. As a result, an ever-increasing alternative finance market has been established. This means that finding the right source of funding for your business can often be challenging and complicated. It requires a level of expertise along with time to search the market to make sure your decision is the right one. No two client’s needs are the same.

At Yorkshire Funding Solutions, we have over 50 years of experience in commercial banking, asset based lending, turnaround and insolvency and commercial finance broking. We pride ourselves on the trusted relationships we have built with our select lenders. Building such relationships is key to knowing exactly where to place each deal, to ensure the quickest turn around and the highest quality of service. We will always aim to find you the right deal at the most competitive price.

Plus this is mostly done on a contingent fee basis, whereby we receive a commission from the lender on completion of the funding solution – thereby giving our clients a fee free service.

We hope that this web site gives you a feel for the types of funding solutions that we can arrange. If the type of funding solution is not listed, for example funding for a MBO, acquisition or turnaround, then please get in contact to discuss how we can help with such cases.